Juan Jose “JJ” Rendon is actually Appointed Like a Political Advisor to Juan Manuel Santos

Juan Jose “JJ” Rendon is actually Appointed Like a Political Advisor to Juan Manuel Santos

T. J. Rendon (referred to as ‘JJ’) may be considered like a master associated with mental strategy within the political industry. Because of the, he is among the most highly regarded political strategists within Latin The united states. His picture is among tenacity combined with an metal will which has allowed him to defend myself against all facets of politics and emerge a champion. A considerate man, he prefers to operate alone as well as knows what must be done to defeat the competitors.

He is a political strategist with regard to over twenty three years and for the reason that time he’s racked up a remarkable number associated with victories. His reputation like a master strategist may be the primary reason he was selected to head in the campaign associated with Juan Manuel Santos, who’s currently operating for leader of Columbia. JJ’s final foray to the political arena like a strategist was to help in the actual campaign associated with Porfirio Lobo Sosa, that won the actual elections. This really is just a part of his legacy like a political publicist as well as strategist.

JJ’s methods and methods include using psychology together with his knowledge associated with advertising as well as various types of media conversation. His imaginative method of the media may be the powerful force which makes JJ therefore successful within his efforts. His ideas of marketing strategy tend to be studied all through Latin America and therefore are most noted when it comes to marketing the actual candidates he represents. In every segment from the market, JJ offers demonstrated precisely how closely aligned he’s with the considering the public. It’s this kind of skill which has made him or her invaluable in order to every candidate he has caused.

As the follower associated with Joe Napolitan, he offers distilled their manner as well as appearance so as to totally distinguish themself from other strategists. He knows he can successfully contend with anyone within the political arena also it shows. Through not changing political events, he distinctively identifies himself with this one celebration and feels you don’t need to compete with those people who are working inside the same greatest political plan. In by doing this, he is actually unmatched to promote the suggestions and ideas of their party.

Their accomplishments possess included leading the presidential marketing campaign of Carlos Andres Perez as well as leading the actual youth election policy marketing of 1987. JJ’s user-friendly approach, in conjunction with his shrewdness as well as advanced politics savvy, has created him a hard figure to follow along with in the actual political globe. He is famous for their amazing function ethic that allows no time for any social existence and he or she seldom sleeps. Essentially, he is really a dynamic politics machine which overtakes each and every challenge within his route.

He can also be favorably recognized in Ohio political groups and their concepts happen to be taught in the prestigious United states Center associated with Political Administration. He may be awarded with regard to his outstanding political efforts on a number of occasions, too. It’s easy to understand why he’s been selected as consultant for Juan Manuel Santos’ presidential marketing campaign.

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