The Importance of Gait Analysis in Physical Therapy

The Importance of Gait Analysis in Physical Therapy

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Long gone are the days when people were crippled for life due to an unfortunate accident. Nowadays, science has developed numerous methods and technologies that can help people walk again. These methods are studied in various fields, one of which is gait analysis.

What is gait analysis?

Gait analysis is the study of locomotion especially human locomotion and has application in various fields of life. It is utilized in treating patients who become unable to walk due to injuries and restores their ability to walk. It is also used extensively in the field of sports to help athletes perform better.

Mechanism of gait analysis

The mechanism of gait analysis primarily includes clinical gait analysis which involves the use of different technologies and processes to fully comprehend the cause of abnormality in walking and devise the best possible plan for the patient in accordance with their limitations. Clinical gait analysis makes use of the following procedures to get a complete understanding of a patient.

  • Thorough physical examination
  • Assessment of muscles and motion
  • Computer-based analysis to monitor gait with the help of electrodes

Gait analysis is used chiefly by a physiotherapist that is responsible for the recovery of a patient. The main equipment used for gait analysis is often a treadmill laced with high speeding cameras and video motion software that provides instant data about the injury and deficiency in the limbs of patients. This data is analyzed by the therapist who then prescribes exercises and treatment that are needed to compensate for this deficiency.

Application for patients

Almost every day, people are becoming victims of accidents due to their carelessness or by someone’s else mistake. Previously, there was not much hope for such patients to live a normal life and they were crippled, while some lost their ability to walk. However, in the 21st century, the diseases which were thought to be incurable have found their cure with the help of physical therapy. The therapist works with the patient to recover his ability of locomotion while utilizing mild to complex exercises. Moreover, the patients suffering from multiple sclerosis or some other dangerous disease can benefit immensely from physical therapy. The muscle movement and control of patients can now be monitored thanks to the advances in gait analysis.

Application for athletes

There is no shortage of injuries on the sports field. In the past, dangerous sports such as rugby, soccer, and skiing have seen many athletes who fell on the field and never became capable of getting up but that situation has drastically changed. Today, if an athlete becomes injured, there are professionals who are present on the field to provided immediate care and treatment. Physical therapists are employed to treat the athlete and help him recover his original abilities. Gait analysis provides a great assistant to the therapist in locating the accurate reason for malfunction of the limbs of the athlete. Due to advances and technologies, many athletes are able to continue their career without a hitch after the recovery.


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