U.S First Lady Melanie Trump Gets an Apology and Compensation for Embarrassing ‘Escort’ Article

U.S First Lady Melanie Trump Gets an Apology and Compensation for Embarrassing ‘Escort’ Article

Two years ago, Suzy— a Slovenian women’s magazine featured a controversial article alleging that United States’ first lady Melania Trump had once worked as an elite escort during her career days as an international model. Social media, as always, passed the rumor around at the speed of light and soon after Melania filed a lawsuit against the magazine.

Last Friday but one, the magazine wrote an apology to U.S first lady even promising her compensation for tainting her public image.  Melania Trump’s lawsuit, filed through her Slovenia-based legal representative Natasa Pirc Musar, has been in hushing until Friday when her lawyer reported that the two parties had reached an “out-of-court agreement” but failed to disclose the details.

The magazine admitted to publishing an article in Aug. 2016 stating that Trump formerly worked with a top fashion agency that apart from modeling also secretly offered “premier escort” services.

It went further to mention that the publication allegedly cited that Melania Trump was once an escort, but they had no evidence to back those claims. For that reason, they thought it shrewd to apologize.  The magazine further put it clear that they never intended to offend or upset Mrs. Trump.

Natasa Pic Musar, Trump’s legal representative, claimed success in the case mentioning that its closure is proof that the first lady won’t condone any insults and rumors about her. And will always stand up to defend her rights.

Suzy Women’s Magazine, through one of her members from the Publishing Board Natasa Lusa, revealed that the company had prepared an apology in writing as part of the legal agreement plus an unrevealed sum of money as compensation. The 47-year-old Melania Trump left her native homeland Slovenia during her twenties and met Donald Trump in 1998 at a Fashion Week Gala in the New York.

In conclusion

The news was an embarrassment for everyone, mainly because it stained the nation’s first lady. But escort merchant account holders might have looked at it from a business point of view; perhaps mixing modeling and the escort business is a good idea?

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